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  1. Hi, In fact anything that runs a script behind such as a print dialogue from within a browser.
  2. Although the issue was first noticed when using a browser based admin monitor it would appear to be a more generic browser issue. For instance, I had to stop Anti-Exploit to enable me to upload the logs for you. The symptoms are that the browser (IE or Firefox 68.2.0esr (32-bit)) is unresponsive. This happens on just one machine only. However, stopping Anti-Exploit then restarting it appears to remove the issue, so I guess from a machine restart the issue is present. I have also noticed an additional issue with Anti-Exploit is that it always pops up a message that [a program] has been pro
  3. Logs attached. Had to stop anti-exploit to be able to upload file. MBMC_Client_Diagnosis_Info_2019_11_05_161651.zip
  4. Logs attached, thank you. Note: I had to stop anti-exploit just to reply to your post. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Started protection to run tool, browser hung, crashed browser, stopped protection, opened browser and restored last session. Quite a serious issue as it prevents IE and Firefox from running correctly and hanging. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. In IE and Firefox I have problems with browser based admin monitors on our local network, including localhost. IP address could be or such. Turning Anti-Exploit off allows connections and logins to proceed., otherwise the connection fails at some point and the browser hangs. Problems are also experienced with connecting to legitimate websites which require a login, such as this forum, unless Anti-Exploit is turned off.
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