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  1. Users of www.keepandshare.com are reporting to us that Malwarebytes is blocking our site due to phishing. Can you confirm that Malwarebytes is in fact blocking www.keepandshare.com? One screenshot sent to us, attached to this post, shows our domain name but the IP address listed is which is not a valid IP address for www.keepandshare.com. Keep&Share is not a phishing web site, nor do we intend on hosting malicious content. We are a productivity website that allows groups of people, mostly businesses, to coordinate calendars, address books, todo lists, files, etc in real time. Occasionally files are uploaded by endusers to our website that do not meet our guidelines and though we do scan all file uploads the evolving nature of phishing attacks means that sometimes things get through. If you have direct knowledge of any file that is actively being used for phishing on our systems we would like to know so that we can take appropriate and immediate action. As far as we can tell no attempts have been made to contact Keep&Share so we don't know if we are blocked or not. Do you have a feedback loop system that would alert us in the future, either prior to or immediately after a block goes into effect? Thank you for your prompt and expeditious attention to this matter Jonathon, Senior Developer Keep&Share
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