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  1. Hi exile360 and Support, Good news, Everyone! Malwarebytes Premium Trial version is Installed 🙂 Method Used as follows: Disabled Protection in KTS and Exited application Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking Checked that Protection was Disabled in KTS and Exited application Proceeded to follow exile360 Instructions as below: Installation completed successfully See: PUP | PUM Detected on both Computers - are these False / Positives? Threat Scan from other Computer H-BERG: 20191001_1422_H-BERG_MBAM-Report-Scan-Advanced_Export-0.txt attached Threat Scan from this Computer SLEEPER: 20191002_1015_SLEEPER_MBAM-Report-Scan-Advanced_Export-0.txt attached Additional: Latest SysInternals Suite - Process Explorer x64 is Installed attempting to Catch the Process(es) in Action Please could you advise how to Proceed? and if you require any further Information as to what is happening when the Computer slow down Occurs for example Event Logs Thanks in advance and best regards, Finite Void 20191001_1422_H-BERG_MBAM-Report-Scan-Advanced_Export-0.txt 20191002_1015_SLEEPER_MBAM-Report-Scan-Advanced_Export-0.txt
  2. Hi exile360, Thanks for your Reply I Disabled Protection in Kaspersky Total Security Removed MBAM, Restarted the Computer and Re-Installed MBAM whilst KTS was Disabled Unfortunately Issues as described above still Persist 😞 Additional: my other Computer is using the exact same version of KTS yet MBAM Installed perfectly?! Thanks in advance and best regards, Finite Void
  3. Hi Support, Certainly - see attached .zip file attached Thanks in advance and best regards, Finite Void mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hi Support, Please could you advise how to Resolve the following Error: I am currently Unable to Start Malwarebytes version (14 Day Trial) Unable to Start - Unable to connect the Service dialog - see .png file attached Unable to Start Malwarebytes Service or Change Startup Type to Automatic in properties Error 577: Windows cannot verify the digital certificate for this file - see .png file attached I have: Uninstalled and Re-Installed MBAM on this Computer to no avail Verified, Reset and Rebuilt the WMI Repository I know the Install Executable is Ok as MBAM Installed perfectly on my other Computer Seems something is Corrupt or potential Malware Blocking the Application Please could you advise on the next steps? Thanks in advance and best regards, Finite Void
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