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  1. Resolved. The Reset Firefox made the false version report disappear. Btw, this version of Firefox restores itself back to the previous configuration after the reset. No need to reinstall your extensions.
  2. Thanks exile360, but I had the problem even with the TrackOff extension disabled.
  3. You're right. Something is wrong. I disabled all my 3 extensions (Roboform, Track-Off and FAcebook Container). Shut down Firfox. Opened it up clean. Tried to install Malwarebytes BRowser Guard. Same message.
  4. Here's what it looks like (after restart)
  5. I'm running Firefox Quantum 69.0.1 (64 bit). When I try to add the Malwarebytes extension it tells me I need a new version than 56. What's wrong?
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