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  1. Here it is, but I messed with my settings today already and got it open, so it should be okay and also I havent recieved any notifications from malwarebytes anymore. I did find out my router was in DMZ tho, I heard a while back its not a good idea to have it there, but I dont know. FRST.txt
  2. I will try to get my NAT open back somehow as now its back to strict no matter what I try. Did anything else change my IP or router configs some how? Also, is this final, or anything else you require me to do to clen the PC? Thank you
  3. Hey, so I noticed that almost every day I get random Inbound or Outbound connections that are blocked my malware bytes as Trojan or Malware. The Inbound ones can be when I don't even have internet browser or anything open, but I don't think I get outbound ones randomly, most likely just when I go to some webiste (havent been paying much attention to when they pop up) I run malwarebytes daily as I have the premium, also ran adwcleaner and have avast running and it found nothing, but should i be concerned that i get those inbound connections daily?
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