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  1. I've changed my settings here... Now I can install perfectly but it seems a bit much asking each of my customers to do this on each PC they run my software on.
  2. I should add that the program is in full production but due to its nature it can be republished sometimes weekly. If you whitelist it would it still fail after being published again? You can try installing it yourself www.x624.co.uk/StarAdmin
  3. Hi MB! I've seen a few posts about this issue and it's happening to me. I added an exclusion to allow my Visual Studio programs to compile and run on my development machines which has worked fine but when the application is deployed to my webserver as a one click install then the setup procedure started I'm getting the error again. This is quite a pain as I suggest MB to many of my customers and I can only assume (I'll know tomorrow when the emails start flying in) that they're all going to think the latest update to my system is trying to infect them. Any help would be great!
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