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  1. Have always had my clients with stand-alone configuration but with our computer refresh coming up i wanted to install the Malwarebytes Management Console for centralized administration. The console installed fine, I did the local SQL database that the installer installed for me. The management console opens, I was able to import my domain and add a domain user. However when I go into Admin, overview and licensing to add my licenses that is good until next year both the anti-malware and anti-exploit licenses failed with error that there is a problem with my license key and are unable to activate it. The rest of the management console is grey'd out and won't let me do anything. I can't modify a policy because all of the tabs are grey'd out, attempting to create an installation package fails because of the fields are grey'd out and when I right-click a computer under the client tab all of the functions are grey'd out. I'm find with installing them stand-alone again if I have to bud I really wanted to get everything centralized.
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