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  1. Thank you, I'll be sure to check ot out. Yes, I am in the US. choc576
  2. Again, Thanks, Porthos: I understand fully now. I won't be using Word and/or Excel 2007 because -- 1) They have both become too complicated for my liking to use. 2) It's not worth the gamble to use unlicensed software. I was doing fine with Open Office because it's more simplified and less complicated to use for my purposes. Thanks again for your guidance, choc576
  3. Hello Porthos: Thanks for your reply and concern about the Office authorization. I talked to the owner of the repair shop and he told me that a little over 10 years ago when he began is business, he bought and paid for a Corporate license. While he can offer his preferred customers installation, he has to be the one to provide overall support for the product. We can get some templates off the internet but we cannot call for major support issues, we must go to his repair shop. He explained that to me when he was re-building my PC, but, I wasn't paying clear attention since I was more concerned about getting my computer fixed. After he reminded me, I remembered that he did tell me that when he asked if I wanted them installed on my PC. Best regards, choc576
  4. To: Porthos: Thank you for your answer; I have just now re-installed Malwarebytes on my PC. You were very helpful and it was so easy to follow your recommendations. To AdvancedSetup (and Porthos): Thanks for the Followup, I really don't know what happened - I went to bed last Wednesday Night (Feb 12) and woke up Thurs morning with my computer having turned off as if an Auto Update had occurred. (It's happened before with no problems.) When I attempted to login with my previous PIN, an error message came back saying something to the effect of "cannot update your information," so, I had to change my password. Somewhere along the way, I noticed a notification that the SUPPOSED update was "Windows 11." (I subsequently learned from my nephew that there is no such thing.) **Note that I never turn off my computer, except for re-starts to periodically check for updates, and, my one vacation per year.** Anyway, the repair shop I took it to ran some kind of "forensic" program and it ran for three complete days before they backed up everything and was able to rebuild my PC so it would work. Unfortunately, as I've been going through all the saved files, none of then are usable as they are, so far, corrupted and not able to view or run. (I doubt that any of the saved files/data that I will be looking at will be usable.) My PC was bought on sale for a 50% discount at Best Buy. As far as programs go, it had virtually nothing extra on it and I was using a lot of free programs I found on the internet - Open Office, etc. However, this repair shop, for its standard rebuild package, installed Windows 10, MS Word and Excel 2007, and other programs that I haven't yet delved into. I figured I came out ahead because with the original price I paid and the rebuild, I still have only about $500 invested in the PC, albeit I lost 15 years of stuff. Anyway, Prothos and AdvancedSetup, you were very helpful and my situation is solved. And now, I have a new project to occupy my time going forward. Thanks and Best Regards, choc576
  5. Hello: Please help. My PC got infected and crashed last Wednesday. I took it to a repair shop but it was a "lost cause," since all my 15 years of data and files were unrecoverable. The repair shop re-installed a new version of Windows as part of a "standard package" they used to get my PC running again. I attempted to re-install Malwarebytes on my PC but I am unable to do so. The following error message appears: "You;ve hit your device limit To activate Premium on this device deactivate Premium on another device." Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance, Clyde Higa
  6. Hello: I mistakenly entered my one year membership 2 times which resulted in my Visa being charged choc576
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