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  1. Thanks for responding @N33dful -- I looked into the ports you listed, but none of them were being blocked. I also had a suggestion from business support to look at TLS 1.0, which was also enabled. Strangely, MWB was working just fine right before I arrived at this job about two weeks ago … I might be cursed. Anyway, I had a new VM spun up and tried setting it up there and had no issues, so it must have been some strange configuration of the server. I wish I could figure out what it was in case someone else stumbles upon this in the future, but it wasn't worth the headache. Now I hav
  2. I know, this is not about the management console exactly, but I couldn't figure out where else to put it. This all started as a problem with the console - when trying to log in, it would throw an error about not being able to communicate with the server. After banging my head against it for a while, I decided to uninstall the whole lot and start over fresh. Except, now I can't reinstall MMS. IIS installs, most of the settings are default. When it gets to the actual installation of Malwarebytes, I get the error message: "Unable to contact license validation servers (https://keystone.
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