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  1. The M logo could have appeared on Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Thanks for your clarifications and suggestions. If I am not mistaken, soon after installation a Malwarebytes logo would appear at the top of a search page, to the left of the address bar. By clicking the logo, the number of applications that were tracking and were blocked at that particular site was disclosed. That feature disappeared some months back. I certainly will check out Ka-Block! and 1Blocker. A number of reviewers of Ka-Block! claimed that they could not uninstall it or that it simply did not block ads. But most of those reviews were written more than a year ago and probably did not refer to the newer Mac operating systems and Safari 13.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions. It appears that as of a few days ago Safari 13 no longer supports browser extensions, rendering most ad blockers ineffective. So even though Malwarebytes' Real-Time Protection is "on," it is not blocking ads as it did previously. I opened a case twice with customer service but in a week have not received a response. Also, whenever I tried to engage Chat, even in the middle of the day, a message appeared that Chat was not available. After researching the matter, I decided to download AdGuard on a trial basis. Supposedly this app doesn't rely on browser extensions in the same way. The pop-ups have completely stopped for now. I would be interested to know if there are other practical, easy solutions. I suppose that there are other apps from Mac AppStore that would work as well. Aside from the elimination of browser extensions, Safari 13 does have a number of quirks and inconveniences that still require me to use a different browser from time to time. Apple needs to fix these issues.
  4. Suddenly there a pop-ups everywhere despite the fact that Real-Time Protection (both Malware Protection and App Block) is turned on. Malwarebytes is no longer present on search windows. Any suggestions?
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