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  1. Ok, I had earlier downloaded the browser guard and am very happy. I knew there was a place to disable the push notifications, but couldn't find it. Thank you so much! I've restarted my computer and chrome, no notifications from either of the malicious sites. Thanks so much for all your help!
  2. Here is what I got when I followed Kevin's advice. Let me know what I should do next. One good thing is that when I've opened Chrome previously there were a bunch of alerts and pop ups from that adware. Since I ran the program, nothing. AdwCleaner[C01].txt
  3. Maurice, I've re-scanned and attached is the .zip file for you. I also found that I have another one called "wwserch43.biz". What's really weird is that when I scan with Malwarebytes, nothing shows up. simajohnson scan 9-28-19.txt
  4. I'm new to all of this, but recently I've received several pop-ups for cloud1.pw. I've searched several of the responses and fixes, but I'm so lost. I could use some help soon. I'm running the support tool, but it's not finished. What should I do?
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