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  1. Since adding the exclusion I have not had any repetition of the problem. Thank you for the support.
  2. Here is the zipped file. I have added an exclusion to Malwarebytes. java.zip
  3. The file being pointed to, C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\jre\bin\java.exe, is an exe file and this system does not allow me to attach them.
  4. I was using Android Studio on a Windows 10 PC to create a Wearos watch face. I would update the code, run it in an emulator, change the code, run it again, etc. After about 10 updates Malwarebytes told me it had blocked ransomwear. Android Studio then gave me an error saying the gradle daemon had been stopped. I could not compile any more programs until I had rebooted. This has happened twice so far. It never happened with previous versions of Android Studio. Malwarebytes_ransomwear.txt
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