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  1. I hope this helps... attached is the log from when the error occurred. In looking at the log it appears the definitions were updated prior. The second file is a ".quar" file, however I renamed the extension to txt to upload it. Let me know if you need more information. protection-log-2019-09-23.txt 0274514728.txt
  2. We are getting a false positive on files that are generated by Wise Install (which is no longer in business). We have used the Wise Installation program for years and haven't changed much over the years. Now Malwarebytes is showing GLB*.tmp files created by the Wise Install as "Trojan.Ursnif". Can our application be white-listed please? Attached: a sample GLB*.tmp file (I renamed to txt) and a screenshot of these files in Malwarebytes during our QA testing. GLB7437.txt
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