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  1. This works though, for sure! I'm working on moving over endpoints over to our new EPR policies, and instead of doing them all at once I'm slowly moving them over into their new groups based off their locations. I'm moving to the larger groups now, so this tool will come in handy so I don't have to "manually" move them over one by one to their new homes. And with this tool that you have created I have bit more insight to see which groups, or rather which locations, are the most at risk. I'm glad this tool is here because now we can start getting a little more data to start a targeted training plan for our end users.
  2. Hi @LeeWei! I'm currently in process of moving endpoints to different groups within the console, until I recently was pointed to this amazing tool! I see there is a way to move endpoints within the addin, however whenever I try to enter a computer name I receive a success message stating it successfully moved 0 endpoints to the group. I have tried multiple ways to enter the computer name into the box with no luck. Any idea why this would "fail"?
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