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  1. Perhaps you should reread what I wrote again. I never said I would sue, I even said I would not sue and I never had in mind I would. Only only wrote what I did with the intention to make them understand that someone else might sue that gets angry with them for their libeling blocking message (I know they don't intend libel, but that is what it is, sadly), where they not only say it may be phishing, but also that the site is phishing, and that they are trying to steal your credit card information! You mentioned something about doing it on purpose? Have not Malwarebytes chosen a rather poorly worded block screen on purpose where they actually libel the accused person for phishing, in addition to saying clearly that phishing means that they are trying to steal your credit card information on the same page? When programs choose to block a website have not the persons programming them made the choice to do so? Of course they have. And it is they who have chosen the text that will be displayed for millions of customers and website users when the block is put into place and the website gets attacked even if completely innocent. In this way, completely legitimate websites may be called serious criminals out to steal your credit card information, and then warning people to stay away from this website thus scaring away visitors and readers and potential customers from perhaps never coming back again. If this is not completely damaging and devastating for a person who uses his website as his livelihood, I don't know what would be. And it gets even worse if the owner is unaware of the block since no one ever emails anyone about their website having been blocked. Or do you. How many websites Malwarebytes have you emailed and warned that you are about to block them so that they can defend themselves from false allegations? Many allegations are untrue when it comes to phishing, as we often see, so this is more serious and blocking and accusatory blocking messages must not be thrown around lightly, obviously. Hence, I can see how in the future, someone might be very angry for this (which many probably see as libel and a personal insult and attack but don't say anything about it) and that they may in fact perhaps sue the company who did this to them for libel, loss of revenue, readership and donations etc. That was my point. So my point was a preventiv system in order that this may not happen to them. If you don't think a lawsuit is possible, fine. But I would not be so certain if you are stupid enough to libel everyone as guilty without even trying to give them almost any possibility of doubt at all. They not only say that the website may be phishing, but it also says it is blocked due to phishing and that it is occurring right now (which is not even certain since many are innocent of the charges and the accusation hence was never true to begin with) in addition to saying that phishing means that the blocked is out to steal your credit card information and that we must not visit the site and that we are engendering ourselves if we do (which would be true if the allegations are correct, but which many times they are not? or are they? Show statistic please!) (at least I was told by Avast they where wrong in blocking me), and often, the companies do not even check before blocking nor do they contact the affected parties; they just block them and let them be and if they remain blocked for weeks, months or even years or always even if completely innocent, too bad for them, and all losses are on them! I have no problem to see that the laws could change in the future in order to put more responsibilities on security companies in order that innocent people may have more security from public attacks of security companies that punishes even the innocent as if they are guilty when they refuse to give almost no indication that this block may be invalid, untrue or even false. Also, I in no way mean to spread hate or anger towards you or your company or anyone else (please don't hate anyone since all can change; and if we think someone does wrong let us talk and hope the problem can be solved peacefully, so that all can be friends), but my issue was rather to make you aware of that this your current system of approach is not appreciated and that it easily can be improved. Just don't accuse anyone, and let the block message say the site is probably innocent or hacked or that this block may even be completely wrong. Anything really is better than giving even the slightest impression that someone else is guilty of a serious crime when they are not guilty of it and nothing yet has been proven. To not manually verify first if a soon to be blocked website by companies like yours is true and in fact infected; and on top of that, not even contacting them about this even though it could be done so easily (instead they are just left in the dark until someone else contacts them, which could take days, weeks or even months), is unreasonable and uncharitable (even if this was not your intent to be uncharitable), since this system of you (the security companies) being lazy and making it far too easy for themselves to just block others and getting them bad reputation and even inflicting losses upon them and themselves doing nothing about giving a helping hand, is wrong, and it need to stop. Also, you security companies would not like to be falsely blocked or labelled criminals or phishers or anything of the kind, no, you would not like this to be indicated even remotely that this is a possibility (i.e., that you are guilty of criminal activities or out to steal peoples credit cards), therefore, do not to this yourselves towards your neighbours also then, but threat them honestly and justly, without giving others any thought whatsoever that they are guilty of anything. It is always better to excuse when there is no evidence and one is not certain they are actually guilty. That is common sense and is also the law in the world, but here, with internet security companies that are not shy in their blocking messages, it seems to have been thrown out the window even though the fix is so easy: DON'T ACCUSE ANYONE OR JUDGE THEM GUILTY OR GIVE ANY INDICATION WHATSOEVER THAT THEY HAVE DONE THIS (SUCH AS PHISHING) BEFORE A TRIAL HAS EVEN BEEN CONDUCTED! SAY RATHER THAT WE THINK THIS OR THIS MAY HAVE HAPPENED AND THAT THEY MAY BE OR PROBABLY ARE INNOCENT AND THAT THEY MAY HAVE BEEN HACKED ETC. Again, anything is better then giving an impression that the innocent are guilty. Just remember this, and all is well, for if you actually believe in this, this will show in the blocking message, but so far, I have received no impression that any security company actually believes in this logic or follow this justice. For example, I just found out today that one ip adress can be bad and that all websites on this ip adress will be affected, even if only one site was bad. This means that 99 websites will be blocked and declared phishing sites (or possible phishing and affected by this) even if they are innocent, if it happened that only 1 other site being on the same ip adress was infected or bad. Such information would be good to have included in the display text of why a site gets blocked, because then would a person better understand that the website they visit is not necessarily guilty of anything. (I also learned that one can request our webhosting provider to change our ip adress, so that we are not affected by this bad number anymore, if many other sites share this ip, which can happen if you use public webhosting providers instead of owning a private one.) I am sure you who work with this everyday easily could come up with many more texts and reasons that would be good to include in a better and updated block message, so that blocked people will be less offended and hurt when their werbsites gets blocked. In this way, fewer people will get angry, and fewer people will have to worry about their reputation being attacked, and everyone will benefit from this corroboration between software companies who all could work together in improving the security and well being of their customers, website owners and internet users. Thanks for reading. I hope all is well with you, and that life is beautiful for you. May God and the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima Bless us all! Thanks, and peace! Signed, Ville Hietanen (Jerome)
  2. Okej, but what does this tell me? According to my webhosting, no foreign ip has logged into our FTP for the whole of September and uploaded anything except for us. (Too see further back, I have to check my log my self which I will do.) Also, they have complained of no viruses, and could see nothing suspicious, and neither can I. So I don't understand what has happened, or what was so bad with this Spiritual Warfare file. I did even enter this map through ftp and check, it was still the same as when uploaded originally, and I also downloaded the .php and went through it and I found no foreign html or anything added, and the antivirus program did not find anything suspicious. So what exactly has happened here, and what was found but cannot be found anymore? Is there a possibility this may all have been a mistake, or else, how could a file bee infected and then not be infected any more without anyone having done anything. Thanks for your time and effort, and for your kind replies. May God and the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima bless you all.
  3. Thank you for your reply. But I am not sure of what you mean, but are you saying I am still blocked with Malwarebytes Browser Guard, or did you mean some other site? And what is "Shared IP/server" and why are they so offensive and does this apply in my case in anyway? Thanks, and God bless.
  4. Do you have a edit button somewhere? Anyway, since I mentioned possibilities of lawsuits with those persons accused not as lenient as others have been that perhaps are so angry for the calumniating accusations companies like yours dare to throw at them without even verifying the accusation or anything, I want to make clear this also to everyone: Libel and defamation and false accusation is a criminal offense, however, I do not want you to be sued or that one should take advantage of others just because one have a chance, but if you inflicted losses, it only seems natural to give back in some way for what was lost. It is always better try to to get along and find some solution, but when people can take the law in their hand, someone may do this, and I am surprised companies like yours have goten away with publically calumniating others all these years and for so long without having been sued already and lost. However, I have already posted solutions to prevent such an occasion from happening, and I can post it again (and it is a really easy fix): Don't be lazy! Before you actually accuse others of trying to steal others credit card information, you should first look into the website and see if this is true. But even if the website is attacked by someone, you must not assume the website is guilty, and you must state this clearly in your block message if you block it, i.e., "that we think this site may be affected", and "that we think it could be hacked etc." You must not jump to conclusions immediately or say they are guilty! But no! Antivirus or Malware programs never do this (which would only be natural and reasonable not to jump to conclusion and excuse others if one is kind and honest), and they all just accuse the website and owners for crimes that in many or even most cases, they are completely innocent of and never happened! I already asked this, but received no response: But I mean, do you have statistics to show how many of these blocks are actually genuine as opposed to false? My guess is many are false and hence you calumniate them without purpose (and without even contacting them putting them in the complete dark!) just because you are too lazy to do your job properly by manually verifying first with some more advanced programs rather then just a stupid report from (whom?) that can be completely false, wrong or made up. Thank you for your help and understanding. And may God and the Blessed Virgin Mary bless you all abundantly! Thanks, and peace! Signed, Ville Hietanen (Jerome) Search: "The End Times Prophecies and Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden"
  5. I am still seriously clueless about what was the reason for our block, since Malwarebytes has been so unprofessional in answering their reason for blocking us; they just unblocked me yesterday but refusing to take any consequences or answering any questions, as if blocking someones website and publically defaming and accusing them for stealing and phishing others credit card information means nothing and is not a big deal and that one can do this against someone else (as they did with me and countless others) without even proving first if this accusation is true! Well, they are completely wrong, and soon in the future, perhaps someone will sue them for their libels and defamations. We are not phishing anything, and no ip adress was logged into our ftp server uploading anything except for my own. It seems Avast may be blocking us also according to an email we received, so I will need to download this antivirus and check why they label us a phishing also (do they follow Malwarebytes list and therefore they block what Malwarebytes blocks?). I really don't understand what has happened and what is the exact reason for us being attacked like this since no one has answered this question (Malwarebytes, reply please!), but I wonder if there was some honest mistake or confusion that happened, or if someone was maliciously out to harm our reputation and website with false reports and accusations. But since I choose to think good of others, let us think this is not the case, so all can be friends and that there may just be some mistake involved and that no one is actually out to hurt you or me or our websites. I use Panda antivirus, and it does not block ProphecyFilm.com. If other people uses other antiviruses, can you please check if our site ProphecyFilm.com is blocked or not with your antivirus as well? Thank you for your help and understanding. May God and the Blessed Virgin Mary bless you all abundantly!
  6. Ok they finally answered on the email ticked and solved the issue by unblocking my website. Hopefully in the future, this will not happen again to me but undoubtedly, it will happen to others and then they too will be publically vilified as cheaters and scum that are out to steal peoples credit cards and hard earned money. That of course is unacceptable, and had it happen in the real world and again a person, charges would have been brought up. How come the law on the internet is different? I would guess it is not, and companies like this should be aware before they face a heavy law suit from someone that just didn't take it so easy as most others have done for their public calumny and false criminal accusations, and justly would compensation be made or demanded for loss of sales, donations and loss of readership. But perhaps my concerns could still be answered by someone here? However,in the email, none of my concerns was addressed at all, and in this thread, no one has answered as of yet. I mean what can they say when they know the accusations against them are true and that they publically vilify innocent people because they can get away with it? You know what is really shameful with all of this? That is that one may perhaps be forced to purchase and use their payed program just in order to check so that they don't unjustly block your website with a warning that they are trying to steal your information. I really think it is incredible how companies like yours can get away with publically calumniating people for theft and criminal offenses like with me and others without even trying to verify first that the allegations are true. I can see how in a future case, some unhappy homepage owner may sue you for this and win if, for example, you publically calumniated his person and character and website with criminal, disgraceful behavior. Do you not see how stupid and evil this automatic block system is, that a person who tries to be honest and live a good life just gets publically disgraced and branded a disgraceful thief just because you are too lazy to manually verify first if the accusation was true, in addition to first sending an email with time to respond, only because you have chosen to make this whole process work with bots or automatic patterns without any human reasoning. In the real world, such behavior is not accepted, and I assume this will neither be in the near future, since the law will probably be changed. I understand one want to protect others from danger fast and that it therefore is a reason with it happening automatic. But the level of false block is so great that it is not even worth it. How many of the blocked sites actually are innocent, especially of the charges of "phishing", since how can one prove that a site does this phishing anyway (that is why one must be very careful with publically branding someone a criminal trying to steal others information, and not just do it immediately with one bad report from perhaps a person who did it on purpose to damage your reputation or homepage). Do you have statistics of real vs false positives that gets blocked? And the variations between fishing block, malware blocks, and other blocks that you have. That would be interesting to see. I am sure I am not the only one who has been angry with this publically criminally accusing behavior from yours of branding others as evil thieves essentially that must not be trusted and their website stayed away from. There should be laws in play that demands that you must verify manually first if the accusation is correct when or if something has been detected, and then also contact the website so that the accused have time to defend himself since he too may be innocently attacked. The fact that you just brand them criminals immediately is stupid and unacceptable, but if you block someone, it could say for example: "This site has been blocked due to security concerns since the website may contain harmful material. We have not yet been able to contact the person of this website, but we assume he is innocent and may have been hacked or that our report is a false positiv, and we are working our best to solve this problem and to come in contact with the homesite's owner in order to understand why our program has detected harmful material. Until we know more, we can only make you aware of this and tell you to be cautious, and we will not make any (more) conclusions as to the fact whether or not the person and the website in question is guilty of any criminal or suspicious behavior." That is more reasonable, instead of what you do now, which is to immediately criminally and publically calumniating them of serious crimes (accusing others falsely of serious crimes as you do without even trying to look into the truth is also a crime in the outside world) and you are giving them a bad reputation for thievery that is clearly false in most cases. (Again, how many cases are legitimate vs false? But again, many or few does not matter, for even if they are few the few who are innocent does not deserve such treatment by you or anyone else, since they are humans too that have feelings and wants to be treated humanly and respectfully just as you and me.) You should handle this problem better and more professionally like is done in the outside world instead of letting an automatic bot or automatic block service destroy peoples businesses and reputation. I hope all is well with you, and that life is beautiful. God and the Blessed Virgin Mary bless you abundantly! Thanks, and peace! Signed, Ville Hietanen (Jerome) Search: "The End Times Prophecies and Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden" May God bless you all.
  7. Hi my website www.prophecyfilm.com is being blocked and reported and phishing by your program and have no way of knowing why except guesses. When entering the website ProphecyFilm.com, the following warning from you occurs: -- Website blocked due to phishing Your Malwarebytes Premium trial blocked this website because it may be phishing you. We strongly recommend you do not continue. What is phishing? Phishing scams attempt to obtain your information by presenting themselves as legitimate websites, then asking for your password, credit card details, or other sensitive information. -- Please remove the inaccurate block as fast as possible! I find this warning quite offensive, since this is certainly not correct. What exactly is the reason for our website being blocked and spammed as phishing, calumniating us throughout all the world and giving us bad reputation, when this is not true? Tell me something, can anyone just report a website to you, even illegitimately and with false intent, and you will block it? Is it forbidden to ask for donations or help in spreading religious material the world over as we do on our site (and as millions of websites does), or is it a crime to have a link to PayPal were such paying information can be added? Yes, it is on PayPal such information are added, and not on our site. And here again, millions of websites has links to PayPal. If our site is so dangerous, why is only your program blocking it and not google also removing it with their checks? And if we really are a threat, why are only prophecyfilm.com blocked, when doomsdaytube.com, or catholic-saints.net or santos-catolicos.com or several other sites use largely exactly the same material and exactly the same malls (buildup and core files)? Are you aware of that calumniating websites like this can lead to lawsuits and that you could loose if someone got really angry and sued you for being publically and falsely calumniated for all the posses that may have occurred? Also, if you think a website is a threat, is it not your obligation to email this person as fast as possible first, if you are about to block his website, in order that it may be solved? (I know one wants to protect people, but it is more likely the person and website is innocent, and that he therefore is being attacked innocently; therefore, the only right choice may be not to block anything until and after you have manually confirmed the truth.) I can easily see how in the future, companies like yours will be sued and taken to court for public calumny (even it this was not intended) and demand of reparation for damages and losses of sales and donations for everyday that this block occurred due to your mistake of apparently not even manually confirming or contacting the affected person. If this is even a possibility, you should make everything beforehand to solve this issue until the day come and this in fact may happen you. Please show this email to your boss or authorities that may want to know about it. They may even be happy and send you a promotion and be happy that you thought of this. Please tell me exactly why our site is listed as "maybe" dangerous according to you? Yes "maybe" phishing, it also says. Not that it is phishing, but that it may be! Ridiculous! I have just entered my filezilla and entered the blocked domain that I am the owner and operator of too see if some illegal malicious phishing file or virus file has been uploaded without my knowledge the last year, and none has been found. No folder changes or changes in .html / .php etc. formats, or new uploaded images or anything of the kind. But I will also ask our webhosting provider if they can tell me more and if they can see more if something has occurred during this time. It is really strange and incredible how you can publically block and put to shame and give financial losses to a website like this so easily without them even knowing about it for who knows how long? You know, it would not even be unfair if for your company to pay some compensation for blocked website owners like myself since that only seems just, but I won't demand this of you, even though there may have been damages done already. How long exactly has our website been blocked and listed as dangerous by you and your program? Please get back to me as fast as possible with the reason for our block and the justified reason for blocking us (what was the exact reason for this happening etc.) and please unblock us as fast as possible. I kindly thank you for reading this email. May God and the Virgin Mary bless you abundantly! Peace! Signed, Ville Hietanen ProphecyFilm.com AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT MIGHT BE THOUGHT OF YOU AS PHISHING? I don't know how this below could be called phishing by anyone, but this is an example I sometimes send though email and perhaps even sometime have posted online, but the only reason for this is because I desire to give out free material to people who want it. Hence, this has nothing to do with credit card information or anything, but only a name and address so I can send some free books (such as The Revelations and Prophecies of Saint Bridget of Sweden), dvds and religious devotionals, such as prayer cards, rosaries and scapulars. (And Yes, I am giving you the same offer, so if you desire these free materials, please feel free to give me your full name and address! Have a good day!) So tell me now, was this previous text of giving charity and free material "phishing" according to you and your program, and I must be blocked if someone reported me? EXAMPLE ON AN EMAIL I PUT AT THE END OF OF A RESPONSE THAT COULD BE LISTED AS PHISHING?: Are you familiar with St. Bridget of Sweden and her Revelations, and have you read them? If not, I would be glad to recommend this link for you where they can be read freely, and also be purchased in book form on Lulu, if you are interested: http://www.catholic-saints.net/saints/st-bridget/st-bridget-of-sweden.php I would even send them as a book to you for free if you are willing to read, since I see this as important, but, then I would need your full name and address. But this is up to you, what to do. You would also receive free Rosaries, Prayers Cards, Scapulars, and religious DVDs. P.S. Remember to live a good life to its fullest in love and happiness, that you spread love and happiness to everyone but especially those most in need, that you think good thoughts about yourself and others but especially your enemies that can become your beloved friends again, and that you are kind and charitable to the oppressed and poor people and everyone else, for if you do so, you will receive great rewards and love from God and the Blessed Virgin and the whole of Heaven in the next life, where we also will meet our beloved dead once again and everyone else that has ever lived! Pray, live your life in goodness and happy thoughts, have faith and hope in love and goodness, and be good, and do not worry about anything! Also, if you are interested for a very good read, search: "The End Times Prophecies and Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden"
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