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  1. Perhaps you should reread what I wrote again. I never said I would sue, I even said I would not sue and I never had in mind I would. Only only wrote what I did with the intention to make them understand that someone else might sue that gets angry with them for their libeling blocking message (I know they don't intend libel, but that is what it is, sadly), where they not only say it may be phishing, but also that the site is phishing, and that they are trying to steal your credit card information! You mentioned something about doing it on purpose? Have not Malwarebytes chosen a rather poor
  2. Okej, but what does this tell me? According to my webhosting, no foreign ip has logged into our FTP for the whole of September and uploaded anything except for us. (Too see further back, I have to check my log my self which I will do.) Also, they have complained of no viruses, and could see nothing suspicious, and neither can I. So I don't understand what has happened, or what was so bad with this Spiritual Warfare file. I did even enter this map through ftp and check, it was still the same as when uploaded originally, and I also downloaded the .php and went through it and I found no
  3. Thank you for your reply. But I am not sure of what you mean, but are you saying I am still blocked with Malwarebytes Browser Guard, or did you mean some other site? And what is "Shared IP/server" and why are they so offensive and does this apply in my case in anyway? Thanks, and God bless.
  4. Do you have a edit button somewhere? Anyway, since I mentioned possibilities of lawsuits with those persons accused not as lenient as others have been that perhaps are so angry for the calumniating accusations companies like yours dare to throw at them without even verifying the accusation or anything, I want to make clear this also to everyone: Libel and defamation and false accusation is a criminal offense, however, I do not want you to be sued or that one should take advantage of others just because one have a chance, but if you inflicted losses, it only seems natural to give back in s
  5. I am still seriously clueless about what was the reason for our block, since Malwarebytes has been so unprofessional in answering their reason for blocking us; they just unblocked me yesterday but refusing to take any consequences or answering any questions, as if blocking someones website and publically defaming and accusing them for stealing and phishing others credit card information means nothing and is not a big deal and that one can do this against someone else (as they did with me and countless others) without even proving first if this accusation is true! Well, they are completely wron
  6. Ok they finally answered on the email ticked and solved the issue by unblocking my website. Hopefully in the future, this will not happen again to me but undoubtedly, it will happen to others and then they too will be publically vilified as cheaters and scum that are out to steal peoples credit cards and hard earned money. That of course is unacceptable, and had it happen in the real world and again a person, charges would have been brought up. How come the law on the internet is different? I would guess it is not, and companies like this should be aware before they face a heavy law suit from
  7. Hi my website www.prophecyfilm.com is being blocked and reported and phishing by your program and have no way of knowing why except guesses. When entering the website ProphecyFilm.com, the following warning from you occurs: -- Website blocked due to phishing Your Malwarebytes Premium trial blocked this website because it may be phishing you. We strongly recommend you do not continue. What is phishing? Phishing scams attempt to obtain your information by presenting themselves as legitimate websites, then asking for your password, credit card details, or other sensitive in
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