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  1. I am trying to install "DesignSpark Mechanical" from https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/mechanical-download-and-installation. When I click the link to from: auto.designspark.info, I receive the TLD block. Is there a way to determine if this block is due to not many uses or due to some malware?
  2. Thank you - I removed MediaWidget app and disabled BSD Application Updater. This seems to have resolved the issue.
  3. I use Malware Bytes Premium 3.8.3.My computer runs Windows 10 Pro and uses Eset for AV. Beginning on 09/18/2019 I began receiving a "Website blocked" Type Outbound, Category Trojan to every 1.5 hours. I have attached the text notification from MalwareBytes. I have run AV scans in admin mode and Malwarebytes scans with everything coming back clean. comes back as registered to Amazon but the domain is listed as ws.bootstrapdevelopment.com. I am unsure of next steps and if I should be concerned. bootstrap.txt
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