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  1. Ah! I apologize, forgot this was still here. You can close it. I ended up just resetting Windows. It took forever since whatever virus I had kept trying to shut down the reset so I had to keep ending it in task manager.
  2. I believe I have a virus. I've noticed through my Task Manager that my CPU is usually from 80%-100%, There were a few strange files such as DropBox Installer, Google Installer, Microsoft Office SxS, and a variety of Service Host items that were all at about 20% usage each. After uninstalling DropBox, Microsoft Office, ending the Google task (hasn't popped up yet after multiple restarts), and setting to disable/manual as many Services involved as I could, there is only one left that is keeping my CPU up: "Service Host: Task Scheduler" which cannot be turned off. Because of all this, I ran multiple anti-malware softwares, but to no avail, most of them either find nothing or freeze in the middle of their scans. I ran Malwarebytes and it was stuck for over 48 hours so I had to kill the program. I really need some help and any solution would be appreciated before I take this pc to an official repairman. PS: I got so desperate that I tried to reset windows, but even that got stuck. At just 1%!!!
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