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  1. Hello, I run controlc.com which apparently had a advertisement that was redirecting users. I asked our ad provider about this and they said that the rogue ad should be removed. Can someone please take a look and remove the trojan alert now? Thanks
  2. Any update on this? The block was removed earlier today and now its back again...
  3. Hi, Dont mean to put pressure on here, but obviously having our site blocked for all MWB users is stressful. Can a staff member take a look at this please and let us know if we need to do something?
  4. Checking in on this, thanks
  5. Hello- I am the owner of the website controlc.com , which is being flagged as a "trojan" - Can a staff take a look at this? Nothing has changed on the site so I can only imagine its a advertisement that went rogue? Screenshot Thanks
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