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  1. Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your input. It is very valuable!!!!!!!!! At the moment, I’m thinking that the easiest rout for me to solve this problem is probably to uninstall & reinstall. Somewhat time consuming, but less so than removing each added item, then seeing if that solves the problem. Thank you, again, for your help in this matter—-much, much, much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael
  2. Thank you so much for the comeback! MUCH appreciated!!!!!!!! I have followed “Setting Rendering Options for Best Performance.” In fact, I was able to max out everything & still got 30+ frames, depending on where I was flying. Flying over a densely populated area like Los Angeles reduced frame rates, but that is expected—I’m asking the computer to do a lot more work over LAX than if I’m flying over Nebraska. FYI: my 27” iMac has 32GB of RAM & the Radeon Pro 580 w 8192 MB, all running on High Sierra. I had Mal-bytes when I had X-P on my Dell gaming tower, & I could run a scan of my own design—targeting specific files / folders. Is there a way to do this on the version we’re using now? That seems to be what I need to do. However.... Seems that if Mal-bytes has scanned this program, wherever it is located, & I’m still having a problem, then that would seem to say that I have a corrupted file somewhere inside that folder that is taking up far too much RAM / Video RAM. PITA tho it may be, perhaps the best solution, short of being able to scan just this folder / program, would be to uninstall & reinstall. Answer to the “can I scan just this folder / program” question would be most helpful. Thanks, again, for your input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael
  3. The folder contained X-Plane, a flight simulator. When installed, they recommend placing it in a folder on the desktop, rather than on the hard disk. I had some kind of malware infection that, among other things, effectively disabled safari. When I ran Malwarebytes, it found & guaranteed some 26 items, & safari again operated normally. When I went to “go flying,” however, the program was real slow. The key metric here is frame rates—normal is at least 20 FPS; I used to get at least 30 before the infection, but now am only getting 8. None of the internal settings for this program have been changed. Hence, I’m thinking Mawarebytes successfully cleaned the fusion hard drive on the unit (iMac), but not the X-Plane folder holding the simulation program. Hope this provides you with some useful information, as X-P operating at this level is absolutely useless!! Michael Moberly
  4. Have a folder on my desktop that is not on my HD. How can I scan this folder?
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