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  1. Dear Ron, Few days back, some of the workstations and servers got attacked by rare malicious virus which infects the existing process of windows and make it to utilize the max CPU and starts mining the data and sending it to profetestruec.net ( we are unable to detect it with antivirus and windows security patch updates, some other malware removal tools. Find the below snap shots, windows powershell.exe is malfunctioning here. Please do needful. Malicious attacks.zip
  2. Dear Team, Recently few days back i had found the new malware in our work group computers. It is named powershell.exe, we can find it in task manager in processes tab. It utilizing more CPU it causes impact to all other applications running in the CPU. I had tried malwarebytes and some other antivirus tools but those are not detecting this bug. Please help us solve the issue. Malware programmers create files with virus codes and named it powershell.exe to spread malware on the internet. we need serious attention here to block and remove it in the network. Please help us to do it. Regards John.
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