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  1. Addition_20-09-2019 21.07.12.txtAddition_20-09-2019 18.20.58.txtFRST_20-09-2019 21.07.13.txtFRST_20-09-2019 18.20.58.txt Here are four of them. I did reload IE 11 and got the same block. I removed and reloaded IE8 and after 2 restarts it worked. This time I didn't delete the IE keys from the registry and it made no difference..
  2. Cbruce Export Summary.txt Hi There, Picked up this little nuisance somehow. Every time I run Internet Explorer 11 then malwarebytes clocks IE due to an exploit in the heap. Ran adwcleaner, farbar and some others, no joy. Took it to my IT guy who ran a bunch of stuff and gave up. Wants to wipe the machine. I uninstalled IE 11 and IE 8, deleted the entire IE registry. Reinstalled IE 8 and it works. Logs are attached. Dare I upgrade back to IE 11?FRST.txt
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