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  1. alvarnell, You really are a Guru- Holding down the shift key and reopening Safari worked first time. I can't believe how simple the fix was although I never would have discovered it. My Safari is now working as it should. Thank you so much, Walter
  2. I have a phony Apple message on my Safari Browser say that my Mac is infected with a Trojan Horse. I cannot find a way to remove it. I have used the latest version of Malwarebytes with no success. Below is a screenshot of my Safari's window. AT the top of the screen where it should read https://..... it reads only > zenovitgen.xyz < with a picture of a padlock. I was hoping to just just trash my Safari Browser and install a new one, but I can't find a way to do that either. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Walter Holt MacMini late 2012, ru
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