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  1. Hi nasdaq, Thanks for all you're doing with me. I'm including the file you requested. Somehow my antivirus was blocking FRST from running. So I have shut down everything I can think of just in case. That seemed to work. FRST ran then. I've also Restored settings to their original defaults. You'll have to excuse me, I forget to write things down. Like passwords and such. So I had a get to know you with Malware forum. All good now. Looking forward to hearing from you. Again, Thank you. Fixlog.txt
  2. I'm gonna be afk for a few minutes . Need to get some breakfast. Back just as soon as I can
  3. Was just able to grab this screen shot. https://gyazo.com/f388f225f3527a3e80ab3174913a8e95
  4. I keep getting these popups saying my McAfee subscription has expired. I've never had McAfee on this computer. What's even more interesting is they misspelled "info". So, I've run Malwarebytes and nothing showed up. I mean no bad things showed up. I did however find a mysterious service running. When I Googled it, found nothing. Which makes me wonder. Here is the name of the service. cbdhsvc_4fdcf The description says "This service is used for Clipboard scenarios" . What is that? Anyway, I'm a bit concerned that something is going on. Tonight while in a game none of the video worked. Blank white screens. Was working this morning tho. I've uninstalled Flash and reinstalled it twice. Some of the games I use need Flash, for now. Am I worrying about nothing? I didn't want to dig too deep into this for fear I'd set off a virus or something. Thoughts? Recommendations? Dang, I was just trying to figure out how to dismiss the popup and must of triggered it. Sent me to a web page but could not be reached. The message said "The webpage at http://dash-deals.site/cleaner/en/lp7?" and a whole bunch of letters/numbers. This is strange and I could sure use some help. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give. Here is a link to some screenshots I made if that helps. https://gyazo.com/4f1cab1359fa2170feee8da83b82845d https://gyazo.com/c24085daf31abfb864c6bf2136ea93a1
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