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  1. Thank you gatortail! I'm grateful for both of your your replies. And, to add to my original post, I'd say the more I use Malwarebytes Browser Guard, the more I like it. Thanks again, and thanks for the extension!
  2. Thank you Porthos and exile360. I appreciate the explanations and the time you both took to explain it. I just wonder, if Malwarebytes wasn't able to provide an easy way to answer the question they posed, why they posed it at all.
  3. Received an email from Malwarebytes today. It started: Enjoying Malwarebytes Browser Guard? We wanted to check in and see how you're enjoying Malwarebytes Browser Guard. Since you started using it, Malwarebytes Browser Guard has been working hard to protect you from unwanted and unsafe content like clickbait ads and tech support scams. Not to mention, those faster web page load times (4x faster). The short answer is definitely "yes," but... Page load times seem noticeably slower, not faster. This doesn't bother me much since BG is processing the page before rendering it, and I'm fine with that (just surprised you said pages would load faster in your email). I guess, maybe the pages would load faster vs. having no protection at all, but it's definitely slower than it was with AdBlock installed. No big deal, though. AdBlock has this cool feature where you can just disable it and white-list a site with a single click, then click the same element again to refresh the page. BG seems to take several clicks to do the same thing, and it's much less intuitive. I wish the "Get Full Protection" button was smart enough to go away if I already had Malwarebytes Premium. I do have it, by the way. Or, if it can't do that intelligently, I wish there was a setting to remove it. You invited me with your question, "Enjoying Malwarebytes Browser Guard" to respond, and also get support with, "If you have any questions, or you need a little help, visit Malwarebytes Support." But I can't ask questions or leave feedback without logging in. And my regular Malwarebytes account login didn't work, so I had to make a new account for support. This is just sloppy. If you want my feedback, give me an easy process to leave it. If you don't, then don't ask for it. But, again, I'm generally happy with it. If y'all fixed or improved the few issues above, I think it'd be absolutely terrific. As it is, I still like it a lot. Thanks very much for making it available.
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