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  1. Lastpass has a 'vault' that is a management UI for managing passwords and other items they maintain. As long as MalwareBytes Premium is running, anything that this page does that would pop up a dialog is blocked. And further, MalwareBytes BrowserGuard UI for "current website" is stuck on loading. If I disable all of the MB Real-Time protection, this functionality is still blocked. But if I exit MB completely, then I can actually use the UI. Please note that I have to quit MalwareBytes itself. I can turn on/off MalwareBytes Browser Guard and I still cannot view lastpass pop up dialogs.
  2. I was behind on email and didnt' get this until today. MB apparently updated automatically, and I have not seen the problems for a few days, now, so this seems to have resolved the problem. Thanks.
  3. With ransomware protection turned off, I had no incidents of slowdowns. I am going to run again, today with it on to see if it comes back, but this seems to be correlated with chrome to be causing the problem. I run with javascript turned off and then manually enable for specific sites that I want to trust, and it seems that this problem only occurs on sites where javascript is running. In fact, as I type this now, I can type ahead by a few words and they won't show up in the edit dialog right away. I'm not sure what is being scanned for in ransomware detection, but it might be too sensitive?
  4. As best as I can tell, this is a problem with the Ransomware protection. It may also be due to interaction with the backup software I use, since this only becomes noticable when IDrive kicks in about once an hour. When I turn off ransomware protection, the system is responsive, again. I'm going to try running without ransomware turned on for a day to see what happens.
  5. I'm not going to be using the machine much until monday, so I'll have to try, then.
  6. It's most noticeable in chrome, but it does seem to affect the desktop version of spotify as well. I can watch it happen by opening task manager, changing focus away from the textbox I'm typing this message into. If I re-click within the text box, the cursor doesn't appear for a few seconds, and malwarebytes service shows a high power usage along with cpu % going up. I have disabled self protection and it doesn't help. I will see if any of the protection settings help, but this is sporadic. It seems to come and go.
  7. Well that was short lived. What was that, like 2 hours and it's back to hanging every time stop typing or try to do anything within chrome.
  8. I have the same freezing issue. I've been following the threads and the solutions suggested, and none of them work permanently. I suspect they are, at best, a result of whatever problem mb3 has taking some time to get bad enough to be noticeable. I turned off self protection 2 days ago, and by this morning, when I did anything in chrome, it would take 2-5 seconds to respond. Like, if I placed my cursor in the google search box on www.google.com, it would take 5 seconds before the cursor would show up and allow me to type. I downloaded the support tool, and have run a repair, and it seems to be normal, for now, but it has seemed to be normal after most of these fixes, so I am not confident this in this yet. I am creating this thread to keep track of this.
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