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  1. No, I did find however that if I added DimmDrive.exe as an exclusion in windows defender, malwarebytes / windows defender no longer interfered. If you only exclude it through malwarebytes though it still get's affected
  2. Hi, unfortunately it does still slow it down considerably Screenshot but sometimes (i'd say 30% of the time) it allowed it to speed up Screenshot 2. Overall it took about 5-7 mins to complete which is an improvement over the standard exploit protection
  3. Hi, with all 4 modules disabled, the issue no longer occurs. I'm back to high peaks and malwarebytes not doing anything to hinder it. This was taken with everything except exploit protection enabled, with exploit protection enabled again it takes around 15minutes to transfer, compared to about a minute without it enabled
  4. I see what you mean @LiquidTension, I've not found a way of getting the issue to not occur, I made the assumption that if I turned off memory protection then in essence the issue would not be there as that's what's interfering with DimmDrive seeing as DimmDrive is on a list of exclusions, I can try disabling the advanced memory protection to confirm It's that that is interfering
  5. Hi @LiquidTension + @AdvancedSetup, my advanced memory protection settings are the same as your screenshot (my settings), when resetting to default nothing changes, for reference, i've tried reinstalling malwarebytes and it still behaves how I described above, I'll try and get that support tool and send a log. Here are some screenshots of what I'm on about: One Two
  6. So I've recently started using my Dimm Drive program again to play a game, but with Malwarebytes new (as far as I know) Advanced memory protection, It's slowing down the rate at which a game / folder is copied to the RAM drive considerably as It's checking it for god knows what. I've added Dimm Drive as an exclusion etc but it has no effect and Malwarebytes still slows down the rate at which copying happens. In task manager it typically looks something like, Dimm Drive using 50MB/s of disk and Malwarebytes is also using the same amount, they're bound together. The game is 12GB so it's not massive but it takes around 10-15 minutes to copy it to Dimm Drive because of how much checking malwarebytes is doing. It used to copy at full speed which considering it's a raid 0 array of SSD's is a lot faster than a maximum i have observed as around 60MB/s. I'm just wondering if anyone knows a way to whitelist Dimm Drive or if theres a way around the protection without having to manually uncheck all of the memory protection and then having to remember to re-enable it?
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