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  1. Update The issue came back on the 2nd day just there about 10 minutes ago about 18:20 UTC+1. My PC was lagging so bad that the prompt from UAC to turn off Ransomware protection would not show so I had to reboot my PC. I have attached more logs from the version with the previous component package and in the meantime I will keep Ransomware protection disabled.7 mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. So far with the previous version everything seems fine. I have had no performance issues with the Ransomware protection and self-protection modules enabled. I'm just wondering what I should do now since I have the "Automatically download and install application component updates" setting turned off. Such as when can I enable it again to get any future component updates that may fix it.
  3. Hi @LiquidTension Yeah the issue seemed to occur most days around the same time in the evening about 7pm-ish. Although one time it seemed to occur in the afternoon after I finished playing a game. At first I would just reboot my whole PC to alleviate the problem until I started troubleshooting by turning modules off. I have downloaded the previous component package that you have suggested and I will try running it with the settings you have said to see how it goes and will report back again in a day to let you know if that issue occurs again.
  4. For about a week now I've been noticing randomly and at least once a day my Windows 10 PC would start getting sluggish and Malwarebytes cpu usage would spike to over 10%. While this was happening everything would lag such as opening programs, clicking on the start menu and even trying to open task manager. I noticed others have been having similar issues recently too so i followed some suggestions of disabling the protections one by one with no difference until I disabled Ransomeware Protection. Once I disabled it Malwarebytes CPU usage immediately dropped and my PC became responsive ag
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