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  1. not just two years destroyed to make a video game, if it can help other people to recover their files it's essential ... good luck for your research 😉 ... it's the good file I'm sure who transform everything into a kvag file. I delete the link.
  2. just tell me when you have the zip file because I do not want to have any problem, I would like to delete the link, I hope that it will help you for your research on .kvag files
  3. the file I just downloaded it on piratbay, it is the same that infected me, it is basically under the name of final winrar x86 x64, it is me who uploaded it on google!
  4. I finally found the file that infect the file in kvag .... warning by opening it. malewarebytes !!!!!!!! tell me when you have the file after I delete the upload thank you ...
  5. I'm going to be honest with you about the .kvag file. I had to hurry to finish a work on a video game, I needed the winrar software very quickly, I went to the site www.piratbay3.org to download this software, I downloaded it about 15 hours ago I took the most recent upload that was not checked on this site, at this time and later deleted. . the nickname I remember it's sonicdude. I also saw that it has the address .ch comes from Swiss and other similarity (kvag) I found that .... (Law on the supervision of health insurance, KVAG) The Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation ... https: //
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