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  1. Good Afternoon can someone tell me why it does not show when the data base is updated in the new Malware or when u schedual a scan it dose not pop up any more the last version did 1.75 it would do all this...But the new one doesn't do this and how do u know if your data base has been updated or it is scaning when u say it to scan any help on this would be greatful thank u....I wait for a answer
  2. Is it just me or dose anybody else see it....Updates are one day ahead is there a reason for this...
  3. The same here it was about 4 hours ago for me...Maybe there is that many updates....like before I just don't understand it...at least in the day I get 6 to 8 Updates....but the last 2 days there hasn't been that many...I'm from Toronto,Ontario...here in Canada...I'm just puzzled...thanks again....
  4. Sorry I meant 3815 is my last Update since my last post...not 8015...Like I said if anybody is having please post that maybe someone Senior in the form can tell us what is Happening...Thank You Kindly
  5. To me it is lagging all there isn't that many Updates in the last 3 days.....since my last post I'm still at 8015 both me and my room mate....I wonder if someone who is senior might know what is going on...It just seems like there isn't that many update...any Help on this topic from senior people would be appreciated...Thank you Kindly....
  6. Yes I just got that one too...lets hope they keep coming...again I just want thank those who responded to my topic...that I didn't think it was just me...Thank you again
  7. So far I do to have 8013...but maybe there isn't that many Updates but before all this happen it seem like there where a lot Updates every few minutes...more than I'm seeing now...Maybe it just me...we will see what happens...Thank you for everybody's input...at least I know I'm not alone out there...
  8. Good Evening it is 12 midnight here in Toronto,Canada and I got the latest version 3811 at 3pm this afternoon but since than I have checked for new ones me and my roommate and we both have different computers...and the version is still at 3811...usually there is more than one update...this is weird that there hasn't been that many updates today....so I don't know if anybody else is having the same problem....but any help on this matter would be helpful...Thank you for the time...for people responses...
  9. Hi, I got the free version...and it seems we both have 2 different computers and he said that is shows 3808 too and that there is no new updates that are available...they say 3808 is the latest version....so maybe we should wait...or do u think something is wrong with our computers any help would be grateful thank you..
  10. It tells me that there is new updates available the last one I got was 3808...this is weird r u sure u have 3809....I'm in Canada ,Toronto,Ontario...when did you get this last Update may I ask...Thank You
  11. Hi, Can anybody tell me if there is a New Update or is it just me the last Update I got was February 28th is 3808....thank u for any info on this...
  12. i just want to say Thank you...but I'm trying to understand why dose it show Jan 31st when I update it always shows the date it updates...my logs have the right date...except where you update that date is wrong it never did that...I'm from Toronto,Ontario...and always shows the right day when you do your Updates...I hope I'm explaining this right...Thank you again for your help
  13. Good Morning, I'm sorry to be a bother or a pain to someone but for some reason since yesterday I have done my Updates and for some reason it still shows it Jan 31st...but in my logs it shows yesterday and today's updates it shows the right date...any help on this matter would be helpful...and I wait for a answer Thank you Kindly...From a older person I don't know much about computers... I just don't if is my side with this problems or others are having the same problem again Thank you for taking the time to read this....
  14. Please disregard my Topic on Updates on that Date hasn't changed...I feel real stupid has a older person to have has the question...I just did a Update and now it has changed to the 17th of January...Sorry to bother one for the question...I should been maybe more patient before I asked
  15. For some reason the Dates on the Updates have not changed Since 15th of January....I do get the new Updates except for the date of the New Updates is it me or is something to do on there side any help would be appreciated...Thank You
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