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  1. Hi, Enclosed the requested file Best regards FREDA Annibale mbst-logs.zip EventLogs.zip
  2. After launching the program, the above message was displayed. The file has been blocked by Mbam as can be seen from the registry. How do we want to proceed now? Best regards Hannibal
  3. "Does this only occur at Windows startup or randomly when Windows has already been running for a while? " When Windows 10 has been active for a while "Are you doing anything in particular that causes this to occur? For example, are you quitting Malwarebytes and relaunching?" Nothing in particular "Could you run the Malwarebytes Support Tool and provide the generated file please. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2396 " The log file could not be generated The message screen is attached Regards Annibale
  4. Often the antivirus suddenly disables itself on Windows 10
  5. I could not find a function that could warn me in case of virus detection on unattended computers. Exists?
  6. In the Italian version the sorting by date does not work
  7. It would be better to improve the integration with Windows 10 by bringing the switch to the main page of the program. Currently the switch is too hidden and difficult to activate. Regards FREDA Annibale
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