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  1. @rakka, thank you. That addressed the issue I was having.
  2. There are utilities that will scan and, if necessary, repair your registry. With your Win 10 installation being so fresh, I wouldn’t expect there to be an issue. Yes, I’m running a Windows Insider Preview version with no issues.
  3. The link below isn't able to load a script properly. When I disable the add-on, it works fine. https://www.hgtv.com/sweepstakes/hilton-bring-it-suite-sweepstakes.html
  4. I did not realize that the beta update feature was disabled. Will there be proactive emails going out to beta testers when new build are available?
  5. I'm currently running Win 10 Pro Build 18980.1 with no issues. Can you run a registry scan / repair? Perhaps uninstall then reinstall Malwarebytes? Or perhaps you've already been down that road.
  6. I'm using Norton 360 in addition to Malwarebytes with zero issues.
  7. My experience has been more aligned with @exile360's. Faster, not slower. I am running a Windows 10 Pro beta (Build 18980.1). I'm not using Windows Defender, but I only highlight that as a difference, not suggesting that it is the cause. Out of curiosity, what CPU are you running? Is your BIOS and are your drivers up to date?
  8. I agree with you, and had the same opinion. The app auto-updates, so the only ask I would have is something on the home screen that gives the user the "warm and fuzzies" by providing the time/date of the last update performed.
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