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  1. 1. Possible conflict with McAfee "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot". <Currently using MB version / Component package version 1.0.690> 2. Scan Scheduler back in order correctly showing current schedule effective 10/04/2019. 3. Generally McAfee does not require a "Reboot" when shredding files, however when there is a requirement to shred (as was the case this past week); I noticed that I could "edit" and change the Scan Scheduler yet the Scan Scheduler would not lock in the scheduled change. 4. Today, I downloaded for a second time MB version After downloading - Scan Scheduler locks in the schedule change correctly. 5. Will continue to monitor McAfee when required to "Reboot" ( "My Privacy" -> "Shredder" -> "Reboot") and determine if there is a direct correlation on possible conflict with McAfee as listed on this post. Current McAfee status TBD. 6. WIN10 is current (Cumulative Update version 1903 / KB4517389).
  2. 1. Installed Version 4.02.44 last night. Scan Scheduler back in working order (please see attached back up file for review). 2. Will determine if "possible" conflict (McAfee -> My Privacy -> Shred Unwanted Files - > Reboot) occurs next time a "Reboot" is required. 3. Documentation: Currently have "Malwarebytes for Windows User Guide Version 3.8.3_ Content Guide". Looking forward for eventual User Guide for Malware Bytes Version 4 as product rolls out. Thank you. M Beta_10042019_Scheduler.docx
  3. Thank you. Will install version tonight and test. Will confirm results tomorrow am.
  4. Please note the following: 1. No change in Scan Scheduler unable to save changes or additions to current schedule. 2. Tested system. Changed Quick Scan to "Hourly". Exited User Interface. Cleaned System. No change in Scheduler display. Old Schedule still running in the background with Scan Scheduler still "blanked out" 3. Rebooted system: Quick Scan ran scan based on prior schedule. 4. Please see 2 attached back-up files for review: Thank you. M Beta_10032019_Schedule.docx MB Quick Scan_Scheduler_Reboot_10032019 728am.txt
  5. 1. Scan Scheduler unable to save changes or additions to current schedule. Issue noted since Monday 09/30. Quick Scan and Custom Scan were completed today as scheduled (please see attached). 2. "Possible" conflict may be: McAfee -> My Privacy -> Shred Unwanted Files - > Reboot. Generally a "Reboot" is not required in the Shred Unwanted Files, however this was required on Monday 09/30. 3. Attached files: Word document showing current Custom Scan (scheduled for 8:00 am on 10/02/2019) // Exported Quick Scan (scheduled for "Reboot" at 6:25 am on 10/02/2019). MB Beta_10022019_Scan Schedule.docx MB Quick Scan on Reboot per Schedule 10202019 625am.txt
  6. "Check for Updates" with "Hourly on/off" option to (Settings -> General -> Application Updates) would add an additional layer of security given another user on my PC going to websites unknown. MB Beta_09272019.docx
  7. Updated Word Doc "MB Beta_09272019.docx" for additional clarification. 1. As a User … I would like to know that there will be an optional "Quick Scan" and "Check for Updates" when time I start PC each am. 2. I have set my "Quick Scan Schedule" for "On Reboot" as a good measure given a need to reboot or WIN10 updates: (2019-09 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64 (KB4522738)) just downloaded/installed /reboot today 09/27/19 for example. 3. Optional "Check for Updates" Hourly may be overkill given "Automatically Download and Install Updates" already a current preset option. MB Beta_09272019.docx
  8. Scan Schedule test dates: 09/23 - 09/26 1. Changed "Quick Scan" settings to "On Reboot" on Sunday 09/23. Quick Scan / Check for Updates worked fine on Tuesday 09/24am at PC Start Up. 2. Quick Scan / Check for Updates did not work on Weds 09/25am or Thursday 09/26am at PC Start Up. In addition "Quick Scan Start Time" was set for 6:35am (did not automatically run a "Quick Scan" after missing scan at PC Start Up). 3. Please note attached Word Doc "MB Beta_09262019.docx" with several considerations for review and discussion. Thank you. MB Beta_09262019.docx
  9. Thanks for your update. Will test multiple scenarios you listed today 09/23 and tomorrow 09/24 (both Reboot and System shut-down / restart).
  10. Greetings, Thank you for your feedback. Regarding Scan Scheduler "Quick": I agree that scanning on an hourly basis is far too frequent and does not make sense under any scenario. I have my current "quick" scan being tested at 1 hour and can become somewhat annoying at times. Perhaps an alternate solution would be: (1) "Repeat" -> Start up (2) below this option "Repeat" -> Start up + 4 Hours (3) below this option "Repeat" Weekly etc.. (4) Is it possible given cost effectiveness (Cost/Benefit considerations) to develop an algorithm to warn the user that there is a conflict within the schedules (Custom / Normal / Quick). This could give the user time to adjust the "Scan Scheduler" to fit within the acceptable parameters of Malwarebytes. If the user still does not take care of the problem, then a possible "error" message with the consequence of at least one of the "Type" schedules not functioning. Regarding "tray icon and context menu" - sounds good.
  11. First Report _ Beta 4.0.1 (the basics) with the following results noted: 1. Check for Updates: WIN10 Task Bar "Show Hidden Icons" -> single click -> "Check for Updates": Noted that Beta 4.0.1 Check for Updates is not "greyed out" therefore confusing user is unsure if function is actually working. User will have to manually click on Beta 4.0.1 Check for Updates to verify if actually working. Recommend "grey out" on Beta 4.0.1 immediately once user single clicks on WIN10 Task Bar "Check for Updates". 2. Scanner -> Scan Scheduler -> Schedule Scan -> Hourly: Recommend adding drop down box to provide options for: "every 1 Hour" / "every 2 Hours" / "every 3 Hours" / "every 4 Hours" 3. Main Screen (for non-technical users): In order to make more user friendly for non-technical add "pop up flag" to top symbol "Click for Scanner Scheduler Reports". Non-technical users may inadvertently continue to click on "Scan" generating Scanner numerous times trying to get to "Scheduler" and "Reports". 4. Background Color configuration options: Add a function under "Settings" -> "General" to allow for color options for overall background. Example: "Black text over light Grey background". Note Apple latest IOS 13.0 release has an option under "Display and Brightness" for "Dark" with options to automatically begin at sunset and end at sunrise. Could be a consideration for color options if user would like to see a more user friendly option when using Malwarebytes after dark. This may be a cool idea for the users (added value). 5. Will continue with Second Report in near future.
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