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  1. Was in quarantine, restored and zipped it, below. idmupdt.rar
  2. I use Ghostery, uBlock Origin, and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials alongside Malwarebytes Browser Guard all enabled at default with my Malwarebytes Premium and all detect various different , some same objects. No performance degradation observed in my Edge Chromium browser.
  3. My IDM app. downloaded its update file but Malwarebytes quarantined the file on its attempted execution. False positive, scan log attached. IDM update Quaratine.txt
  4. Regarding the Windows Security Centre option in Settings, am I correct in assuming if its set to always register then Defender leaves real time security to MB? I have the setting off hoping that both defender and MB check my system independently. In the past this has proven beneficial as Defender has found trojans and alerted me before MB. I will see how this setup works with beta4.
  5. My apologies. I have since re-installed IdentityCloaker and now they are both running OK. Initially I did experience loss of connection to servers. I have not had any other issues with the Beta and am pleased with the new GUI and noticeable increase in scan speed.
  6. I did submit logs previously as a ticket was opened when I had the same problem with MB 3.7. The problem was resolved in MB 3.8 as your release notes state: Fixed: MBAMService connectivity issue in presence of 3rd party LSPs (Identity Cloaker, HideMyIP) I am guessing but assume the fix for MB 4 Beta may be similar.
  7. Beta has been running fine for me the past few days. But seems like we have the incompatibility problem with IdentityCloaker program that existed in version 3.7 The problem was resolved with version 3.8 but now its back with this beta.
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