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  1. Hi team, I have an online account to protect a number of PCs and laptops. I also have the free version on my Android, whose trial has expired. Can I use the unused online licence from my subscription for the Android, or would I need to purchase a subscription from Google Play?
  2. Thanks for the prompt response, much appreciated. Ironically, I had to type the letters MB into the message, rather than the full product name, as it would not send the message saying that it was spam!
  3. Running MB 4 beta and got a notification that an upgrade was available, which has taken me to 4.04. AVG free has just completed a scan and came up with a warning that IG-46 and IG-8 need to be quarantined by a restart. What do these file do? Do I need to remove them from quarantine and put an exception against them?
  4. Thanks exile, a very thorough explanation. I was unaware that an update would be automatically carried out on running a scan. My concern was if the PC had been asleep for a few days, and the next scheduled scan was still hours away, then I would normally undertake a manual scan in the interim. If that updates definitions etc then I would be happy with that.
  5. Hi, I get the option for Full Protection in the top right of my Browser Guard window on Chrome. I already have a fully paid Malwarebytes licence. Will this Browser Guard eventually be incorporated into the full licence?
  6. Agree. I would like check for updates on the home screen.
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