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  1. Have read latest info from "Malwarebytes not working any more with KIS (e)" topic, so will obviously follow this thread until some sort of solution can be found. I guess you can close this topic. Thanks.
  2. Sorry it took so long to respond. I could install Malwarebytes before (using above method) or after Kaspersky, and everything worked just fine. Problem solved. However, since the middle of October, I have re-installed Windows 10 at least a dozen times, with numerous crashes, freezes, etc. This , I think has been primarily caused by the latest windows updates. Before that date, it did not matter what I installed on my desktop and laptop computers, nor the install sequence. Since the latest updates, along with Malwarebytes 4.0, and Kaspersky 2020 Internet Security Suite, I have not had a stable computer. I finally gave up the battle on my laptop and went to Linux 19.2, and have not had any issues since. In addition, the boot-up speed/shut-down speed is impressively fast with a very stable computer (MSI GT72 2QD Dominator). I have tried different installation sequences and scenarios with not much luck. To further my quest for a stable desktop, I installed Acronis TrueImage 2020, and started several tests. As a result, my conclusions are as follows: (1) stable computer until last two programs installed - Malwarebytes 4.0 and Kaspersky Total Security 2020 (2) stable computer with addition of Malwarebytes installation, but not Kaspersky (3) HAVE NOT YET TESTED Kaspersky installation without Malwarebytes Appears that Kaspersky and Malwarebytes need to work together to resolve this issue, with input from Microsoft. I do not know how much of an issue this is with anyone else; but, I NEVER have had any kind of computer stability issues, in spite of other peoples problems, through the years, until now.
  3. Thanks for the valuable info. I'll reinstall Malwarebytes, and see if any conflicts arise.
  4. Just installed latest version of Kaspersky Total Security, v20.0.14.1085(c). Was informed by the install program that v20... would not work properly with existing Malwarebytes program, v3.8.3, and would automatically remove it during the install. So, now I am wondering if a new version of Malwarebytes is forthcoming. Btw, I have a premium license for seven (7) devices.
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