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  1. Quick update from 3.8.3 to 4.01.13 Premium. Took minutes and fully operational with update package 1.013011 Performs as intended ... a couple minutes to get used to the new interface. Scheduling and Records were carried over from previous version. No lag or problems in any applications or browsers tested. Cold Boot on startup is running same as previous version between 4-5 minutes in background for 300,000+ items. No impact to Windows start-up time (30-40 seconds from button press to login screen). Manual initiated scan is <2 minutes for 300,000+ items on main drive Can see hourly checks by Malwarebytes hourly on Pi-Hole Query screen. All in all Nice Job!! One question ... while running 4 Beta, do you need to have the beta updates toggled ON for necessary updates? The default in settings is OFF. Thanks
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