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  1. The default scan on startup of computer/laptop.. . . then clicked on the view results that popped up. when i manually run and click view results from the main interface all is fine.. it is only when it runs on startup and i click view results for the little popup box near the task bar that the issue shows up. As for the instructions it wouldnt generate any logs till i re-ran a scan .. .was hung on "run first" . not sure the logs will show anything about the issue, but here they are mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. all info is missing in results/advanced. Also export/copy to clipboard from there while not giving any errors is non functional... ie nothing in clip board to paste. ie
  3. Not intuitive that I had to goto settings to check if the definiations were up to date. Like the interface generally and it is faster, but liked that the update/up to date and check definitions options where on the home page in the old interface.
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