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  1. Ooops .......Apologies........User Error !!!!!! When I was trying to sign in, I was using my email address (as with many other sign-ins) and password rather than my username and password. All is now OK......Thanks.
  2. I have had the need to Sign In to the Malwarebytes site and to the Forums pages on multiple occasions in the past few days, as I am one of the Beta 4 Test users. Every Sign In fails !!!!!!!!!!!! It shows the Informational message The username or password was incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off). Every time I choose the "Forgot Password" option, wait for the email, click the link contained therein, enter the same password twice (classed as Strong) and submit. I am immediately signed in to the correct forum etc. HOWEVER, as soon as I Sign Out, I am not allowed to Sign back In, receiving the same error as mentioned above. I have now done this 6 times and still have the same problem. How can this be fixed?? It doesn't happen with any other log ons. I use Windows 10 Home as the OS.
  3. There is a folder named CrashDumps, however, it is empty. Malwarebytes was working OK, BUT...….. I was making some changes relative to the interaction between Windows Defender and Malwarebytes as per the Forum on that subject, when Malwarebytes failed with error that the Service was not running. In order to get things going again, and to have protection, I have downloaded the Support Tool and run it again, downloaded Ver 3, and then have upgraded to the Beta version once more. In amongst all that, a reboot was requested, which was done. As of now all seems to be functioning well again.
  4. Hi @LiquidTension Trying to answer some of the questions...…. Was Self-Protection enabled? PROBABLY - not 100% sure. How long had version 3 been installed? Did you have any issues with installing version 3? Installed since released - don't remember any issues. When you ran the Malwarebytes version 4 installer, was version 3 running at the time? Don't think so. Requested file is attached.. EventLogs.zip
  5. Hi LiquidTension, Herewith the 2 requested files...…... mbsetup.log mbamiservice.log
  6. Hi, Here is the requested .zip file as requested mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. I have just downloaded and installed Beta 4. There was some difficulty in doing this ….. First time, it appeared to have worked, but old ver 3.x was still in place. The second time, it appeared to have workd and asked for a system restart to finish installation, but again, old ver 3.x was still in place. The third time, the new Beta ver 4 was there and could be Run. I am using Windows 10 Home (64-bit OS) on an x64 Dell XPS 8700 PC. My settings from the old version seem to have been bought across OK. I have run a Scan which has worked OK. The new UI looks good, and is setout clearly with good functionality. Like the old version, it takes a long time for Malwarebytes to actually start and become visible on the screen.
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