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  1. Hello, Happy the TLD problem has disappeared since yesterday. I can reset the protection to "ON" without being blocked. So I do not know if you did something, but it does not block me anymore! Have a good day Alain
  2. It's really strange. Either I have an immediate block, and do not see the request page. Either I request, I provide the information and I have a page displayed without the css, so I request a re loading and there I am blocked. If I insist with the reload then I can go in and see my page normally, the TLD does not block me anymore. It is an intermittent mistake.
  3. No. before the user's request and password.
  4. Since I deleted the cache, blocking is general for naturissima.biz ... Version 77.0.3865.90 (Build officiel) (64 bits) Alain
  5. Hello and thank you for the help. I cleaned the cache as you proposed. For access to naturissima.biz / photos / no problem. On the other hand with a protection by password, there it blocks my site cf: naturissima.biz/admin/ So the problem happens when there is an intervention with the .htaccess file I am sure to 98% ... Alain
  6. What bothers me is a random refu! I entered again and it worked, I was not stopped at the entrance of naturissima. I also notice another problem is when I site a password protected directory cf: site.biz/admin/ or admin is protected by password to enter (.htaccess) If it helps ... Alain
  7. Hello, naturissima again blocked with by TLD, please can naturissima.biz in whitelist? Thanks in advance. Alain
  8. Hello! Thank you very much for your effort and for your professionalism . Have a nice day! Alain
  9. Merci beaucoup Porthos pour ces infos! Alain
  10. Hello, I have been a customer with you for many years. I installed the Chrome MalwareByte extension and I encounter blockages (TLD) with my website. I am the developer and I program in php, mysql, then html for my site of distribution of animal photos. I checked in the list of "Scams" and did not find the site * naturissima.biz *, so I do not see why the extension blocks me. As a result, my potential customers for the sale of my photos may be blocked unnecessarily if they have installed this extension for either Chrome or FF. Could you tell me how to proceed to remove this prohibition at
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