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  1. Hi there, Just turned on 2FA only to find my Discovery tool no longer allows login, went and got latest version and same issue. Turned 2FA back off and was able to log in instantly, so account update is prompt. Please can we update the login of the discovery tool to support the 2FA logins (but top marks for refusing login without, failing safe rather than failing open is definitely the preference. Well, releasing features only when all systems are ready for it would be the preference, but I'm sure you follow). Thanks for getting 2FA set up, things are coming along by the looks of
  2. Visitors to this topic will be pleased to note you can now select your date format in the Malwarebytes Cloud portal! Has updated all the dates I've come across far, so looking promising.
  3. Hi there, Any news on this, just had a senior person confused by output from Malwarebytes Cloud reading 08/09/19 as 'the eighth day of September' and not 'the ninth day of August' and coming to the wrong interpretation of the situation. This is sadly not the first time this has happened nor the first time I've checked on the progress of this basic functionality. The date is written differently in different countries, 96 percent of the planet doesn't write the date in this way according to Wikipedia and if Malwarebytes Cloud is an international product it needs to support the varying way
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