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  1. Thank you! This adds to my already great confidence in your product to help protect my laptops and phone. While other products are bloating their product with ads and/or resource intensive processes, ineffective protection your product has protected me! Thanks again!
  2. I'm interested in knowing if Malwarebytes has the ability to stop these types of attacks? https://www.techrepublic.com/article/what-is-fileless-malware-and-how-do-you-protect-against-it/
  3. Beta installed on my W10 v1903 without any issues. Performed initial scan at 7:03 AM, elapsed time 00:04:33. Added a second schedule, the date chosen by default was today's date with 7:15 AM as the time and saved the schedule; option 'if missed, scan at next opportunity' is on. At 7:17 AM, the scan started. The sorting of the reports has already been reported. By the way, the second scan time took 00:09:04, double the time from the first scan. The app appears well on my 2560x1440 resolution monitor as well as my 4k resolution laptop. The Malwarebytes service runs relatively quiet and light consuming 310 MB of memory. While browsing, utilization jumps to less than 2%, memory up to 311.6 MB. As for the look and feel of the app, easy to use, clean and not cluttered. The notifications works well. I had old notifications that I had not cleared from the previous production version, it indicated there were unread notifications. Simply viewing the notifications automatically marked them as read; the red indicator was removed, no need to select the option 'mark all as read'. The Detection History is also sorting incorrectly by 'date and time', same as the scan reports page; sorting by the other columns appears to be working ok. Great job on the beta release!
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