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  1. The issue isn’t that “your” password was leaked, but that hackers have shared and used a password that matches one you use. Hackers will use these leaked passwords to crack accounts even without knowing which account it goes with. You still want to change it.
  2. I believe this is what OP is talking about https://9to5mac.com/2020/07/04/ios-14-icloud-keychain-now-alerts-users-about-leaked-passwords-more/
  3. Posted on dslreports a few days ago too. Per the comment there, a good ad blocker will stop the behavior. https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32884093-Safari-Download-Message
  4. uBlock Origin hasn't been supported on Safari in awhile; just fyi. You can still use it on Chrome on a Mac. https://github.com/el1t/uBlock-Safari/issues/158 Wasn't aware of a browser guard available on the Mac version of MBAM.
  5. So MB 4.0.493 definitions from the end of July (as I'm told) detect this threat? This "new" threat that everyone is just now reporting on, MB had it in the latest definitions 4.0.493 at the end of July. That is the latest definition update, correct
  6. Great question that I was going to ask and got sidetracked and forgot...
  7. Not really a fan of those types of tools, regardless of the fact that it isn't sold, etc. What exactly is hoovered up and sent back is problematic and as far as I know, undisclosed. Understand that's how y'all operate, but I don't. I can answer any questions otherwise. Thanks.
  8. I have never had bouncing ball issues on any of my Macs, until the latest version of MB. Turning off Ad Block has resolved that. Not an issue for me anymore, I'll leave it off. So the DTBS cited IS the definition updates. So that hasn't been updated since the end of July...wow! I mean really, what is the point of checking for hourly updates if it doesn't even update that often. I realize Macs aren't the same as windows and definitions don't need to be updated 2-3 times a day, but we're talking two weeks here. But that's beside the point really, since I'm not even seeing the hourly
  9. Don't really care about the DTBS version, it's the DEFINITION UPDATES that I want to know about. I'll wait till @treed jumps in here after the weekend (I assume) and maybe he can offer some insight on that log screen I posted and the definition updates, along with the hourly checks.
  10. That's kinda been a pain in the Mac version for awhile now, looking for things that are easily found in the windows version or buried in windows files and directories. I've used windows since the DOS days and can find anything in the files & directories there. With Mac, it's a LOT harder to find things. Even so, this is still a little lacking (even if it's in the wrong place IMO). The protection updated to version 4.0.493. Great I finally now know that....is that the latest version? How do I know what the latest version is? What about the update checks that I've been complaining abo
  11. 1. Shown below: Updates are set for hourly, you can see here that they've updated once since yesterday morning. 2. Answered in the first thread... 3. This "detection history" tile is a very strange place to hold some of this info that one looks for and cannot find.....things that are not scan and detection items and more of general log items that you wonder about but can never find in the Mac version of this software.
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