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  1. Keep in mind the MB is not scanning your internet browsing as Bitdefender does. There is an add-on extension available for that if you want that ability. Edit: Appears from this page ( https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/ ) it's for windows only. I'm sure there is one possibly in beta for Mac available someone can post the info for.
  2. I was reviewing that very site yesterday trying to understand what the issue may be too
  3. My thread can be locked if you wish
  4. I'll let the OP answer from here. Didn't work for me yesterday and had to do something else (link posted to that topic already).
  5. That location doesn't show unless you can right click it and "show contents". It's just a greyed out white lego block
  6. That’s certainly different than mine on two Macs. I had the white LEGO showing where a folder should have been but was able to right click and then show contents more strangeness
  7. The answer is in the link I posted
  8. I was actually manually checking from within the program yesterday (19 hours ago) and it was saying Up To Date, so that was not working until I tried it again this morning.
  9. And that did the trick. The act of going into it manually made it appear in the +/- list in the security settings. The instructions need some work
  10. Ok, that's where I thought it was at. However, Engine.bundle has nothing to drill down to below that. I click on it and it looks like a white lego, not a folder so something happened when the software updated.
  11. Nothing is damaged. Instructions just wrong. I'm sure RTP Daemon is what is needed in the full disc access, just can't find it.
  12. Ok, so after posting my two comments above, I opened the program and did another manual check. It found and updated to 3.9.32. Screen opened and said "You're not fully protected". We recommend enabling full disc access.....learn how. Leads to : https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3477 Yep. Get to step 7 - Check the box next to Malwarebytes Protection in the list. There is nothing in the list. I have to click the plus / minus sign to add something in the list. Malwarebytes shows as an application in the list and choosing it does not fix the main program screen from showing "You're not fully protected..." What needs to be added in that screen to resolve the error. Why are the instructions wrong.
  13. That's a beta. Catalina is out. Is there an updated version of MWB. Is the version you quoted that the software update checker doesn't recognize yet, that version
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