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  1. Yep, I'm on the latest too and only have one on two Macs...not three. I'm also not seeing it update hourly as it's set to do. Last protection update check often is hours behind the actual time. Don't recall this issue before either.
  2. So three days with the App Block unticked on both Macs and none of the mentioned behavior has returned. I’ll leave it off on both for now and keep an eye on the forums and see if anyone else posts any issues regarding this new version.
  3. I haven't seen this issue, mine stays around 0.2% with the occasional spike up to around 35%. I've turned off the app block setting and so far I haven't seen any of the bouncing ball dock / failure to open issues or the Oops error when opening the Malwarebytes program. I'll keep an eye on it today and see...
  4. Catalina 10.15.6 In the beta forum there is a similar post as mine referencing the bouncing ball issue I've described.
  5. Ive started a topic in the MB support forum since this is no longer beta. I am having similar issues; bouncing ball in dock so far Chrome and the actual MB program itself sometimes doesn't open and gives an oops error.
  6. I've started a topic in the Mac support forum regarding 4.5.14
  7. System updated this morning (2 mac's actually) and I've seem some odd behavior on both within the last 10 hours. Chrome fails to open quite a bit, just a bouncing chrome in the dock. Force close a couple of times and eventually it opens. Opened MB program a couple of times and it failed to open; had a oops something went wrong box and to restart as a possible fix... Gonna untick the App Block setting and see if that does anything. Anyone updated yet and seen any issues...
  8. I confirm 4.4.11 updated. Haven't rebooted Mac to see if legacy warning is still there.
  9. Updated Mac today and after reboot, got this little text box as shown in this apple article. I'm on the latest Malwarebytes release https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210999
  10. Orders usually take two seconds to process and then license screen shows and email goes out with details. Something is up with your order
  11. Keep in mind the MB is not scanning your internet browsing as Bitdefender does. There is an add-on extension available for that if you want that ability. Edit: Appears from this page ( https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/ ) it's for windows only. I'm sure there is one possibly in beta for Mac available someone can post the info for.
  12. I was reviewing that very site yesterday trying to understand what the issue may be too
  13. I'll let the OP answer from here. Didn't work for me yesterday and had to do something else (link posted to that topic already).
  14. That location doesn't show unless you can right click it and "show contents". It's just a greyed out white lego block
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