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  1. Hello again, I just thought of something; If possible, in future upgrades I'd like to see an estimated scan time countdown. Sometimes when doing a scan it comes in handy if you know the estimated scan time left. Best regards.
  2. Good Day, I just downloaded and installed v 4.0.1 Beta over the latest version of Malwarebytes 3 without any problems. I like the simplified new interface. The scan time is about the same as before, but runs smooth. The scheduled scan time was taken over from the previous version, so I did not make any changes, but once again, I like the new interface. Simple and straight to the point. Also the look and feel of customizing my protection is very over-sightly and easy to navigate. Therefore very user friendly. So far I've not seen any problems or conflicts with other apps or programs, especially my virus protection (Avast Premium Security), but the long run will be the real test. if any issues show up, I'll post them on this Blog. Best Regards, Ronny-D.
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