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  1. Yes, the image you sent is the UAC prompt that I am referencing. This morning, I performed the following steps per your instructions: Shut down and then rebooted laptop. Set timer, clicked to disable Malware Protection and started timer. In under two seconds, the UAC prompt displayed. Reset timer, clicked to disable Web Protection and started timer. This time, the UAC prompt was displayed in under two seconds. I repeated this exercise, leaving some protections disabled and then clicking to disable Web Protection, and other times, disabling and then re-enabling other prompts and then disabling Web Protection. In no instance was there ever a noticeable difference in the display timing of the UAC prompt. Yesterday, I was able to review and play with the settings in all four Advanced Setting options before the UAC prompt for Web Protection was ever displayed. I considered that delay to be too long, and perhaps confusing for a user if he had had the time to disable multiple settings as I did.
  2. Attempting to change the Web Protection option from ON to OFF resulted in a long delay before the confirmation window was displayed. This is not true with the options for Malware Protection, Ransomware Protection, or Exploit Protection. I tried this several times to confirm this behavior. One time I had moved on to checking other options on another window and had totally forgotten about asking to change the Web Protection option when the confirmation popup was finally displayed. Should a user be allowed to navigate away from a window after requesting a change that requires confirmation?
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