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  1. Apparently the suggestions worked. The pop-up did not appear today. Thank you all.
  2. I'll try your suggestions. I got the free Malwarebytes right off the company's website, though so I doubt it was infected or fake. Malwarebytes is the only malware/adware/etc software I have added in the last several months and the notice first showed up after the first cleaning Malwarebytes Free performed. Thanks. If it does not work (I won't know until next Tuesday), I'll let you know.
  3. I tried Malwarebytes Free but removed it after it kept popping up messages to buy the license, that ran on top of all other content and required a restart to remove each time. I used the standard removal tool in windows 10, but had leftover messages. I then used the Malwarebytes removal tool and thought I had finished, but every week on a Tuesday I get the following popup: It has a green circle with the letter "i" in it, and says, "We need to close your browsers. They cannot be open while we get rid of unwanted cookies and trackers" then lists Microsoft Edge (which by the way is never open as
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