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  1. Yes i would, like i said i use the program on all our workstations and laptops Bellamy
  2. any word on this Malware Beta Testing issue i was having, just wondering cause i use this program on all our workstation at work. Bellamy
  3. First i deactivate the license, then i uninstall the program, Malware Bytes i download the Beta Version un-licensed works. When i Activate the beta program it locks up mouse and keyboard become UN-useable i have to do a cold restart. Then i have to login under the computer administrator and it works fine then i have to deactivate the license in order to login back in with my user account mind you i have admin rights, and i activated the hidden administrator account in windows 10 Pro also. If its unlicensed the beta program works the program doesn't lock my mouse or key board. Here are the files you requested, and i went back to the Malware bytes i was using before, and will not re-down load the beta program until i know its solved. EventLogs.zip.zip
  4. Im scared to try it again its locking up even after i put the key in as admin, when i log into the user account (which i have admin rights im the in house IT) it locks up
  5. As soon as i put my lic key into the beta is when it crashes it locks up my system if im logged in as user, but if i log in as a administrator it doesnt lock up
  6. Ok but i uninstalled all the Malware-bytes (the beta test version) mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. When i did the first download i had the other version running and it crash my system, i had to go into safe mode and uninstall the whole program. After doing the uninstall, i re-downloaded the beta test file, installed and restarted, now when trying to open the program it says server unable to reach, and it did not create a short cut either.
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