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  1. Hi kevin... sorry for the late respond, i did some searching on google, and i found a relation between the windows defender scan result, and the file renaming problem... So the virus "Grenam.A" is actually a virus that hides some .exe files and replaces it with "g" added file, hence the name Grenam.A (G rename). The virus file name however is "Ground.exe" and malwarebytes successfully removed it. But the g added .exe file replacements are also dangerous, they can replicate themselves by infecting other files, these replacement files are the ones that malwarebytes cannot detect, Windows Defender can detect and quarantine the files, but it can't restore the replaced files. In the article that i read, theres an antivirus from my country called "Smadav" that can detect, quarantine, and restore the files. So maybe i can try the antivirus, what do you think?
  2. I did the fix, but nothing seemed to happen 🤣.... I wonder what i did wrong... can you tell by reading the log? Fixlog.txt
  3. hey kevin... the fixlist.txt will rename my files right? The files' names will be back to normal, but will it act as a virus? or will it be okay if i run those files? Sorry if i'm asking too many questiona, i'm just scared that if i run those files the virus will replicate again...
  4. i've ran the FRST fix and posted the fixlog.txt, what's the next step? Fixlog.txt
  5. i've done the search, it seems like FRST can find the infected (?) files but i can't find the files in explorer to upload to Virus Total. and thank you so much for your help by the way... i was so scared about virus removing my programs Search.txt
  6. i can't find c:\ginstall.exe and what should i do when the g*.exe files are found?
  7. and also the "gAfterFX.exe" files are actually hidden, it's nowhere to be find when i clicked open file location in the shortcut properties
  8. i've done what you said, but some of my .exe files are still "infected"? i can only run the program (example : After Effects) if i change the shortcut to "gAfterFX.exe", if i do that the program runs normally (only the name of the file changes). But i'm afraid that if i do that, it will infect my other files. And also i received more Windows defender notifications saying that it detected a virus named "Grenam.A" AdwCleaner[C00].txt unhide.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Hey Kevin.... Thank you so much for your reply, and sorry for the late reply... i'm doing what you've told me right now... i'll report any progress as soon as it's done...
  10. I got a virus that renames .exe files by adding "g" to them (example: gfirefox.exe). Not just that it hides the .exe files, so they don't appear when i searched them. It's ruining a lot of my files so please help....
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