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  1. I heard back from Support. They confirmed that it was the same Adware that shows up in the quarantine. However they also asked for the following: "While reviewing system reports, I see there is a file under /var/root/.TechResultsSearch that I need a copy to analyze with our research team. Please zip the file and provide it to us.". I was told that I have to use Terminal for getting to this file and zip it, etc. I am not a computer wizard, so this sounds quite complicated. I asked them why they might need this additional file and I am waiting for the reply.

  2. Thanks for your quick reply. Here is the additional info/clarification that I can provide:

    1. I have no idea what was found. I was hoping that just like with Norton, one can go and check to see what malware was found and cleared. I ran the application and then checked connectivity after that. What was happening before is the following: while network connectivity indicated no problems (and 3 other computers on the same network in our house worked fine), my access to the internet was disabled. After restarting the Mac, I had connectivity for a few minutes, but then even that disappeared. I am not concerned about Malwarebytes having damaged something, I am concerned about what else the specific malware might have done. That's why I would like to know what malware the application identified and disabled.

    3. This is what the Malwarebytes displays under pricing: "Lock-in the same great price for your next renewal by allowing your subscription to Auto-Renew. Except for Auto-Renew-based price promotions, your subscription will renew automatically at the then-current renewal price on your renewal date. You can disable the Auto-Renew Service after completing your purchase.". 

    Thanks again.


  3. I am new to this forum and I have a few silly questions after using the (trial) premium version once with Apple's guidance, to remove some malware which impacted internet connectivity for my iMac.

    1. Where should I go on Malwarebytes' website to see what malware was the one causing the problem? I would like to further look into it to make sure that no other damage was done by it.

    2. Do I understand correctly that the yearly charge for Apple computers is the same as for Windows computers despite the fact that for Apple computers the application provides a lot less features?

    3. The Price page (for personal) shows an option to lock in the current yearly subscription price. For how long is this offer valid? Is this offer valid when the next major releases are coming out? 


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