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  1. Alright! Been playing all day. So I will post them tomorrow. Cya.
  2. Well, my malwarebytes doesnt show anything anymore since it removed it. Do I still do the instructions above?
  3. Hello! I was curious if I had a malware and downloaded adwcleaned and malwarebytes. First I started with adwcleaner and there was 1 registry pup found. I inow this doesnt help much but it was called Utilab or something like that. After the adwcleaner got rid of that is there another step I need? I scanned with Malwarebytes after and nothing found. Am I good to go?
  4. Just uninstalling. I install malwarebytes when I think I got malware or just scans I like to do now and then.
  5. Hello! I fixed it! I just had to reinstall malwarebytes. I want to know if I could delete that remaining file https://imgur.com/a/CM6Tiuz
  6. Update: I used the uninstall tool and still not working.
  7. Hey there! I had downloaded malwarebytes for a quick scan and when I finished I accidentally deleted some files about Malwarebyte in temp folder before I uninstalled in control panel or settings. It shows its still there in control panel but its stuck at "Uninstalling".
  8. Alright! Thanks. Sorry for the late response since the email was on my "Junk"
  9. Hey again! I really need help on this🙏
  10. Hey guys! I've been starting to play roblox since I have not played it in a couple of years. I got annoyed by the 60fps cap so I got an fps unlocker used by famous roblox players. https://github.com/axstin/rbxfpsunlocker Is it safe? I already opened it. Best Regards, Nonkii
  11. Oh ok.It was just a quick question since I was curious.That mostly went to @AdvancedSetup. Thanks for help
  12. Does malwarebytes detect network malware?
  13. Nothing else.Thank you very mich and have a wonderful day.
  14. It really doesnt matters since its a pup wich they are not harmful and its not luke its ruining the performance of the pc or anything like that.
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