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  1. Ah. Thank you for clarifying that! Have a wonderful day!
  2. Oh. The scan I posted was today though. But thanks for clearing that out. Thanks!
  3. Hey there! I have had this modding program for the game I play. I have had it for a while now. Anyways, I recently scanned it with Malwarebytes and nothing was found, then I scanned it with adwclasner and it was the same. After that, I just opened VirusTotal and this is what it showed https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c9bb4db7af6c47f3425d61a1e02b061e915cf0c0c8d225e6577d9f5d65e13409/details The file is too big so I can't put it in here but I have no idea if its safe yet.
  4. Also, I downloaded this from Mediafire. I recently noticed that every time you download somethi no from mediafire an ad pop up appears on another tab.
  5. Hello! I had downloaded a mod for ps4 game. (Yes you can mod on ps4). I put it on my usb then I turned off my pc. My pc took longer than usual to turn off. It normally takes about 4 seconds but this time it took like 15. After that I turned on my pc back to check and it turned on and e fans/light, etc were on but the screen was black. I pushed the power off button on ky pc for about 5 seconds and it turned off then I turned it back on and it was good this time. I ran adwcleaner and nothing found. Malwarebytes with rookits enabled and nothing found. I am looking for someone more experienced to scan this file. I will thank anybody to do this. Seriously. I am very paranoid about this. I was thinking of clean installing but I got to make sure first. Best regards, Nonkii MUI_Mod.zip
  6. Alright! Been playing all day. So I will post them tomorrow. Cya.
  7. Well, my malwarebytes doesnt show anything anymore since it removed it. Do I still do the instructions above?
  8. Hello! I was curious if I had a malware and downloaded adwcleaned and malwarebytes. First I started with adwcleaner and there was 1 registry pup found. I inow this doesnt help much but it was called Utilab or something like that. After the adwcleaner got rid of that is there another step I need? I scanned with Malwarebytes after and nothing found. Am I good to go?
  9. Just uninstalling. I install malwarebytes when I think I got malware or just scans I like to do now and then.
  10. Hello! I fixed it! I just had to reinstall malwarebytes. I want to know if I could delete that remaining file https://imgur.com/a/CM6Tiuz
  11. Update: I used the uninstall tool and still not working.
  12. Hey there! I had downloaded malwarebytes for a quick scan and when I finished I accidentally deleted some files about Malwarebyte in temp folder before I uninstalled in control panel or settings. It shows its still there in control panel but its stuck at "Uninstalling".
  13. Alright! Thanks. Sorry for the late response since the email was on my "Junk"
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