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  1. I ran the offline scan and reboote with no indications of any problems. Protection history only shows "No recent actions" so I assume that means all OK. Thanks again for your help and the MWB Support Tool apparently worked flawlessly in combination with Windows Defender.
  2. Yes Windows Defender was active during the entire incident and no others. I ran the MWB Support Clean Tool which fixed the problem and allowed a new installation of MWB. I've had MWB block viruses before they infected my machine but for some reason it did not catch Win32/Skeeyah.A!rfn today. MWB just completed an initial scan with no issues. 🤣 Thank you for your help!
  3. Will do a little later. I twice scanned the computer (while disconnected from Internet) using Windows Defender, downloaded latest MWB, installed and rebooted as suggested. However after the computer boots up I get a small box saying "Unable to start" and "Unable to connect to the Service" so I believe it is some kind of problem with a residual from the previous installation. I have Windows Defender running again to check that the virus is not still present. After that I will try the Support Tool you linked. Thank you for your response!
  4. Somehow contracted Win32/Skeeyah.A!rfn this morning even with MWB installed. This was my first failure in about 1.5 years of using MWB. This started when I noticed MWB was taking much longer than the normal 30 minute scan after starting my updated W10 computer. It went going 2 hours plus and was completely unresponsive so I attempted to remove it with IO Bit's Uninstaller (since MWB uninstall would not respond). After this I did a Full Scan with Windows Defender and it picked up the Trojan which it removed. I then attempted to reinstall MWB but after rebooting it failed the install with an error that another instance of MWB was running. How can I completely remove MWB so I can reinstall it?
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